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Porlock Area Lifts Scheme

A social car scheme by and for the residents of Porlock and the Vale
Co-ordinated at Porlock Visitor Centre.

Where can you go? | Who is eligible? | How does it work?
How much does it cost? | About PALS

Where can you go?

Journeys can be arranged for hospital, doctor and clinic appointments, job interviews, to the train and bus station. Shopping and visiting relatives will be considered if drivers can be found.

Who is eligible?

Any resident is eligible at the discretion of the co-ordinator. PALS can assist residents in obtaining Travel Passes.

How does it work?

If you need the services of a PALS driver, you must first ring 863211, leaving your name, telephone number and details of your journey required and giving as much notice as possible. The co-ordinator will return your call as soon as a driver can be contacted.

Details of the cost of fares and your driver's name will be given to you.

How much does it cost?

A fee is charged of 45p per mile.

Flat rate charges apply for:-

Porlock £3.00
Minehead £7.00
Taunton £28.00

Additional passengers can be carried for half the full fare.

Travel pass holders will pay only half fare for some journeys.

About PALS

PALS was set up in 2000 at the suggestion of Somerset County Council and is run from the Council Information Point at the Porlock Visitor Centre.

The scheme is reliant on the residents of Porlock giving their time to assist those who are, for one reason or another, unable to use other forms of transport.

Drivers are reimbursed at a flat rate, but with the knowledge they are serving the community.

We are in urgent need of new drivers. If you are interested in offering your time for this valuable service, please contact the Porlock Visitor Centre